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Georgia is the birthplace of wine according to a number of the world’s competent experts. The mention of the ancient traditions of vine growing and high quality wine growing in Georgia (or Colchis and Iberia, as it was known in ancient times) can be found in the works of Homer and Apollonius of Rhodes.

Georgia is located on a slopes of Caucasus mountains, country is covered with forests and rivers, most days are sunny. This unique mix of natural conditions are best felt in the flavour of our organic food and beverages. We offer the following bio certified product: Organic Juices, Organic Tea, Organic Wines.

We offer: Fresh fruits, Fresh vegetables, Frozen fruits, Honey, Jams, Souses, Spices, Hazelnuts and hazelnut products, Cheese and other milk product, Canned food Juices, Compote, Lemonade and other non alcoholic beverages, Vodka, Wine Brandy and other strong alcoholic beverages, Spring Water, Mineral water (carbonated).